Feature Overview: Pre-Paid Offers

Pre-Paid Offers are transaction-ready offers designed to convert email campaigns directly into revenue. Contacts have the ability to purchase products and services directly from an email or text message. This saves you time and allows your customers to purchase while they’re most excited -- and more importantly, most likely to buy. Best of all, Mia takes note of this purchase history to optimize sending other emails such as feedback and reviews in the future.



This feature is offered with a 90/10 service split. Signpost holds 10% of the transactions for two reasons. First, it covers all credit card processing fees. Second, this is an added value feature -- we only want to charge you if you’re making money from it!


How does it work?

After a customer makes a purchase, both you and your customer will receive an email confirmation that includes offer details, fine print, and a redemption code. Your customers will redeem their Pre-Paid Offer in store with you. Customers will also get a reminder to use their offer 5 days before it expires.



When will I see that an offer has been purchased?

Individual email alerts will be sent specifying who, what, and when. Also, nightly emails will be sent specifying revenue made from purchases that day.



How can I view who has purchased an offer?

Log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the “Contacts” tab. From here, you can either enter the redemption code in the search bar or filter for contacts who "have" "purchased" a "Pre-Paid Offer."



When will I get my check?

Revenue is collected by Signpost and reimbursed to you upon the conclusion of each month. You should expect to receive a check within the first two weeks of the following month.


What do I do if my customer requests a refund?

We encourage you to offer store credit in lieu of a processed refund. If it’s within 3 days of purchase, the merchant can contact Signpost to process the refund.

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