Feature Overview: Facebook Ads

Over half of all US adults are active on Facebook, but when it comes to reaching those who are most relevant for your business, things quickly get complicated. Fortunately, our Digital Advertising Team ensures that you can identify the right prospects and keep them engaged with personalized campaigns proven to convert them to customers. 


While Mia works on generating reviews to your Facebook page, we also want to make sure that potential new customers in your area see you when they are using Facebook. Our lead-based Facebook Ads enable us to establish your brand on Facebook, get your name in front of potential clients, and implement a solid call to action by which consumers are able to receive a discount or more information.

By requiring prospects to give us their name, email address, and phone number, this also gives Mia and yourself a solid way to follow up with the lead once information is collected. We immediately send out a follow-up email to any leads submitted and also segment them into a specific list that you can call or email after the fact.

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