Feature Overview: Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be a powerful tool for any business owner, but when it comes to creating campaigns and finding the prospects most relevant for your business, things can quickly get complicated. Fortunately, our Digital Marketing Team ensures that you can identify the right audience and keep them engaged with personalized campaigns proven to convert them to customers.

While Mia works on generating reviews to your Google page, we also want to make sure that potential new customers find you first when they search for your services on Google. To achieve this, we have partnered with the best-in-class Google AdWords software (and with Google directly!), providing you a low-effort, low-cost solution to make you the first choice on Google.


To ensure the best results, we will:

  • Use our data analysis engine to create the best keywords for your industry
  • Optimize your campaign for mobile phone searches
  • Create a custom landing page that is mobile-friendly
  • Monitor and optimize your campaign every 30 minutes
  • Provide you with call recordings and access to your results
  • Drive prospects to directly call or visit your business


Email digitaladsupport@signpost.com to schedule a time to learn more!

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