What is Auto vs. Manual campaign sending?

Email and SMS campaigns can be sent 2 ways: manually and automatically.

Auto Send Campaigns

Auto Send allows Signpost to send messages on behalf of your business automatically. When Auto Send is disabled, the only way for a customer to receive a message through your Signpost account is if the message is sent manually. Auto Send is designed to send active campaigns to your eligible contacts in a market-tested sequence to get you the highest open rates and the most outcomes. We recommend you always keep the Auto Send option on.

Each campaign has its own Auto Send settings that you can turn on or off:

  1. Select the campaign you’d like to adjust
  2. Toggle the Auto Send option found on the far right to “on” or “off” within the campaign to enable or disable
  3. Confirm your adjustment when prompted to save
  4. Navigate to your SMS tab within each campaign to manage this setting for your text messages

Manual Sends

A manually sent email is sent immediately. This function can be used to supplement or replace Auto Send:

  1. Choose the Campaign you’d like to send from the Campaigns page
  2. Click the blue “Send Now” button on your chosen campaign
  3. You can choose to send a message to all of your subscribed email contacts, or choose “Specific Contacts” by typing their contact name or email address in the text box. To send to specific customers, they must already exist in your contact list
  4. Confirm manual send to trigger the selected email to sent to your contacts

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