How To: Export Customer Contacts from MindBody

Accessing reports

1. Go to the Reports tab

2. Select "Clients" from the tabs on the left

3. To narrow the list, select "Marketing" from the filters

4. Click "Mailing Lists" to open the report


Generating Email & Mailing Lists

1. To export email lists, highlight "Email List"

2. Choose the group of clients you are interested in from the "List Clients" menu

3. In the Client's Opt-in Status menu, choose "all clients"

4. Choose "Clients Only," "Prospects Only," or "Clients and Prospects" from the third row

5. Choose a Sort By method. We recommend "Client Name"

6. Click "Generate" to preview the results

7. Click "Export to Excel" to save the list to your computer


Converting the download to a CSV

1. Open the new download in Excel

2. If a warning appears, click "Yes"

3. Once open, click the "File" menu and click "Save As"

4. Change the File Format option to "Comma Separated Values CSV (.csv)" from the drop-down menu

5. Click "Save"

6. Depending on your browser, you might be asked to save the file. Remember what folder the file is placed in to easily access it

7. Visit the Contacts tab in your Merchant Center to upload the list

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