Overview: Testimonials Page

The Importance of a Testimonials Page

In addition to following up for positive reviews upon receiving positive feedback, Signpost uses positive feedback to create a real-time testimonials webpage for your business. This page shows all written comments from people who provided positive feedback on your business and gave permission for their feedback to be used publicly.

The testimonials page is a great way to show prospective clients real feedback from past customers, and many clients have posted the link to their website and social media pages.


The Testimonials Page Process

When your customers are asked for Feedback, they have an option to leave a comment, as well as to have their comment shared publicly. Any positive feedback left with a comment and permission to share is automatically posted to your Testimonials Page. However, you do have the option to remove any content that appears on your Testimonials Page. You also have the option to turn off auto-post settings if you wish.


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