Feature Overview: Scheduled Campaigns

Importance of Scheduled Campaigns

Scheduled Campaigns are your way of communicating announcements, event invites, product/service offerings, sales, and more to your customer contacts. You can even send them newsletters to keep them informed about your business/industry or offers to incentivize repeat business.


Offers vs. Custom Campaigns

Scheduled Campaigns are broken into two categories: an "Offer" template and a "Custom" template.

Offers are set up similar to New Customer Offers and allow you to determine an expiration date, fine print, and more. Whether a customer hasn't made a purchase in years or they are a regular, scheduled offers are a great way to make someone feel valued and bring them back in the door.



Custom Campaigns are great for any other type of communication you would like to have with your customers. Simply drop in an image of a flyer or spell out in detail any information that you would like to notify your customer base about. 



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