Comstock Custom Cage

Judy Comstock, the owner of Comstock Custom Cage, sees how online reviews can really help grow her business: "When we decided to go with Signpost, like any advertising campaign, we had no idea exactly what to expect. In a very short time we noticed a significant increase in traffic to our website and an increase in online orders. When Signpost began sending emails from our list of customers for recommendations and reviews of our patented humane live cage traps, accessories, and service, the positive responses started pouring in! It’s going to be a big plus for potential customers to see all of the very positive reviews about what we offer in all sizes of live cage traps and customer service. Through Signpost we will be able to contact all of our people about new products or improvements to our complete line of cage traps through their promotional campaigns. The folks at Signpost have been great to work with and have made business advertising easy."


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