How To: Create a Scheduled Custom Campaign

1. Click on the Campaigns and choose “Scheduled” from the drop-down menu

2. Click “Add a New Campaign” in the top right-hand corner

3. Choose “Custom” on the right

4. Fill out the basic offer details:

  • Email Subject Line (ex: New hours starting this month!)
  • Title (ex: New Hours Starting Soon!)
  • Image (if desired)
  • Description (ex: Starting next week, we will open one hour early every day. Check out our website for our updated times!)

5. Customize your call-to-action button by clicking on it:

  • Choose a call-to-action message to be displayed on the button (ex: Click Here to Visit Our Website, Click to Learn More, etc.)
  • Pick a URL to redirect clients to when they click the button (ex: your website, blog post, etc.)

6. Click “Next: Audience”

  • Choose whether you want to send your offer to everyone subscribed or a specific segmented contact list

7. Click “Next: Schedule”

  • Pick the date you would like to send out the offer

8. Click “Next: Review”

  • Preview the offer using the “Preview your Design” button and make any necessary edit by clicking back to the necessary page on the menu at the top. When everything looks good, click “Finish Campaign”
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