Customize, Review, and Duplicate Your Offers

Signpost has updated your campaigns menu! Featuring a "scheduled campaigns" option, you now have more control over creating offers and custom campaigns for your customers. 

First, create your offers with a customized "call to action” button! Mia recommends inserting a custom URL to  your offers, which will allow your customers to take the next step with the click of a button. For example, add the link to your online store for purchases, online booker for appointments, or to your social media page to gain followers! Read our how-to articles for creating both offers and custom campaigns.


Secondly, your Signpost campaigns can now be duplicated! Easily send your campaign again, with the click of a button. Mia recommends using this for your regular communications, such as newsletters. Choose from the drop-down menu on your sent campaigns!


Lastly, Signpost wants to help you perfect your campaigns! You will now be prompted to review all of your campaign details before finalizing and sending it out to customers. Take a second look!

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