Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment & Academy

Neenah, the owner of Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment & Academy, absolutely loves Signpost:

“Signpost is so awesome! I have tried a variety of marketing strategies, such as Yelp, Constant Contact, Gigmaster, and Gigsalad to get our belly dancing academy noticed and our beautiful talented belly dancers (Harem Jewels and Sultan Gems) more bookings. Signpost has been by far, and continues to be, more effective. Our attendance for the belly dancing classes has grown. Our bookings are coming from new and super great clients. Signpost and especially my account manager, who is is patient and looks out for us with new ideas to bring Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment and Academy to the public’s attention. Thank you Signpost for caring about us!!! The Harem Jewels and Sultan Gems are so grateful that you are looking out for us!!"



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