Mathnasium of Mill Valley

Scott, the owner of Mathnasium in Mill Valley, CA, thinks Signpost’s automated software is top-notch:

"Every time someone calls or emails me Signpost records that information and follows up with a text or email. They initially scanned my gmail account to record everyone who I emailed or emailed me. I had to manually remove some emails of course. I now have a thorough list of contacts to send offers to. Even though I am super organized their automated system beats me any day. Signpost does a good job of periodically emailing people but not too often. For example, they email leads and customers with a special offer (I offer free assessment and 2 free sessions), and once people click on the special offer I get notified. A customer would not need that special offer but their email would prompt them to gift it to a friend. I did causely, Yelp, Facebook, etc and hated them all, although I'm surprisingly happy with Signpost. They also have responsive and friendly customer service.”



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