American Lock & Key

Sam, the owner of American Lock & Key, thinks Signpost is the best marketing tool he has used to date:

“Thank goodness for Signpost, and their unbelievably helpful technology! Signpost has helped us interact and market our services to customers unlike any other company. American Lock & Key is branding itself as a professional local locksmith in Richmond VA. We are able to capture the customer's input seamlessly. We have increased the amount of reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook by about 20% within weeks. For us, reviews do equal more business. As many locksmiths know, it is tough to differentiate ourselves from the fake locksmiths online. Being part of 1-800-UNLOCKS has helped us educate consumers that we are licensed, verified and professional. Utilizing Signpost has helped us cement our reputation online at a very affordable price. We highly recommend that locksmiths use Signpost!" 



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