Emerg+NC Property Rescuers

Kevin, the owner of Emerg+NC Property Rescuers, is seeing fantastic results with Signpost:

“Our business has been using Signpost for nearly a year with great results. EMERG+NC Property Rescuers® offers 24/7 emergency water and fire damage restoration services so our sales are ‘reactive’ in nature. Our customers use Google+ map locations to seek out our type of business when needed. They then take a quick look at our ratings and reviews and then make a decision to call us. Because Signpost interconnects with all of our contacts whether they actually hire us or not, and since we strive to give people only the best advice, many of our reviews are based solely on the quality of our telephone conversations. Without Signpost, we would never get review-worthy feedback for all of these type of customer interactions. If you are able to provide knowledgeable expert advice to a caller, why wouldn’t they want to say something nice about your business? I would not hesitate to recommend Signpost to any business owner."



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