Driving and Managing Outcomes: Referrals

Signpost helps to drive new customers to your business through your Get Referrals campaign. This automated referral program will do the work for you, and notify you when a customer has submitted a new referral.

The Get Referrals campaign will send automatically to the contacts who have, in the past, provided you with positive feedback. They are given an online referral link, which they can share with friends. Their friends will be prompted to claim your New Customer Offer.

  1. Edit your New Customer Offer periodically to test different incentives.


You can also create a "referral bonus" that will reward your existing customer for giving you new referral contacts.

  1. Set up a single and multi referral bonus, to incentivize your customers to refer multiple friends to your business. 


Send a direct follow up email to each new referral that you receive. To ensure that they redeem their New Customer Offer, you can offer to schedule a time with them, or answer any other questions that they may have.

Read here for more easy tips on increasing your referral business.

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