How To: Unsubscribe, Delete, Edit, and Export Contacts

Unsubscribe Contacts

Unsubscribing a contact will remove the contact from receiving any further email or SMS communications from your business. However, you will not lose your data and past activity history on this customer. For example, the customer profile will still display if he or she has responded to, or interacted with, any of your past campaigns. 

  • Navigate to the "Customer Contacts" menu
  • Use the search bar or scroll through your list to find the appropriate contact
  • Click the blue switch next to their name, which will indicate that the contact is now unsubscribed.

Delete Contacts

Customer contacts should only be deleted if absolutely necessary. Firstly, once a contact is deleted, he or she cannot be added to your list again. Secondly, all the data and past interaction from this customer profile will be deleted along with the contact information.

  • Navigate to the "Customer Contacts" menu
  • Locate the contact you’d like to delete, using the search bar or by scrolling through your list
  • Select the check box on the left
  • Click on the "Actions" drop down menu 
  • Select "Delete Selected"
  • Click "Delete" to permanently remove selected contacts.


Edit or Modify Contacts

Keep your customer names, emails, and phone numbers up-to-date by editing their customer profile.

  • Navigate to your “Customer Contacts” page
  • Click “Add Customer” 
  • Enter all new, updated, remaining, and existing information for said contact
  • Example: John Doe has called your business. You have his name and phone number automatically collected through Signpost, but not his email address. To add John’s email address, you will enter John’s name, phone number, and email address to fully update his customer profile.

Export Your Contacts

You can download your entire contact list, only a segmented list or a filtered view (EX: Contacts that have provided positive feedback).

  1. Navigate to your "Contacts" tab
  2. Load the segmented list or filtered view you are looking to download. If you would like to download all contacts, skip to the next step.
  3. Click "download .CSV" in the top right corner of the table just about the Manage Lists dropdown.
  4. Your contact list will begin downloading to your computer!

Note: Sorting (alphabetical or numerical) is best done after the download within the program you are using to open the .csv.


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