How To: Choose Your Own Review Sites

Choosing your own review sites will allow you to manage which review pages Signpost drives traffic and 5 star reviews to for your business. Firstly, learn how Signpost's software determines the right customers to drive to your review sites

You can add up to 3 review sites, and prioritize the sites based on your preferences. To manage these listings, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Campaigns menu, and choose “Review Us” 


  • To remove a review site, click “Edit Review Sites” and "Remove Site"


  • Choose “Add Your Review Site” and click on a suggested option (example: Facebook).
  • In another window, copy your business' page URL for this review site (example: the URL to your business Facebook page). Then, paste your URL where it says "Review Website Address."


  • Click “Done Editing,” and repeat the previous step to add a third review site! 

Note: Whichever site is listed as your #1 option will be the highest priority for customer traffic and reviews. 

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