Kevin, the owner of Armed2Defend, is LOVING Signpost:

“I love that the platform allows for me to easily get feedback from past students. We use this feedback to continue to make improvements to our training and business processes.

Before Signpost, I thought that I was good at asking and getting reviews because I was either on par with or ahead of my competition. After starting Signpost, I have really been able to improve the feedback process by utilizing Signposts automated system. I just send Signpost my current class list and the feedback rolls in. I’m able to quickly identify issues with students and respond to these issues. And the positive feedback helps to motivate the team to provide even better instruction and customer service.

The startup process with Signpost is very simple and they do everything to help get it going. They even consolidated and corrected my Yelp and Google+ page. The continued process with Signpost is effortless and they are super responsive to any issues or questions.”



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