How To: Segment and Manage Customer Lists

Customer segmentation will allow you to create separate contact lists, and customize which campaigns can send to each list. For example, you could send targeted offers to a subset of your customer base, or ensure that another subset only receives specific campaign requests. You can add multiple customers to multiple lists, so that he or she receives your most important updates!

  • Navigate to the Customer Contacts tab of your account.
  • Choose "Manage Lists," "Create a New List," and type your list name.


Now, add contacts to your list.

  • To add one contact: Open the list, and use the search bar to add a specific person. 


  • To add multiple contacts: Check the boxes next to the customers that should be added to your list. Once checked, choose “Actions” and “Add to List.” 


  • To add contacts to more than one list, repeat this step and choose to add them to a different list. A contact can be added to up to 5 lists.
  •  To add a large volume of contacts: email a CSV file of contacts to, and it will be uploaded to the list that you specify.


Edit which campaigns can send to your list.

  • Choose "Edit List Settings," "Edit Auto-Send Settings," and switch off any campaigns that you don't want to send to this list. (Example: switch off the Review Us campaign for a list of customer prospects.)



Add a custom New Customer Offer that will only send to this specific list. 

  • Choose "Edit List Settings" and "Update New Customer Offer"
  • Edit your offer to appeal to this list, and click "Save." 



Lastly, from "Edit List Settings," you can also edit the list name, or delete the entire list. 

Alternatively, if you don't need to create this customized of a contact list, you can also send a campaign to a specific individual or group of contacts.  

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