How To: Create a Segmented Customer Contact List

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Contacts" tab
  2. Choose "Manage Lists," "Create a New List," and type in your list name



  • To add one contact to the list, open the list and use the search bar to find a specific person. Click on their name in the drop-down menu to add them to the list



  • To add multiple contacts to the list, check the boxes next to the customers that should be added to your list. Once checked, choose "Actions" and "Add to List" 


  • To add contacts to more than one list, repeat this step and choose to add them to a different list. A contact can be added to up to 5 different lists


  • To delete a contact from a list, find the contact you would like to delete and click the small grey x to the right under the "Remove" column



  • To rename your list, choose "Edit List Settings," then "Edit List Name." Type in the new name you would like for your list and click "Update List Name"



  • To delete a list, choose "Edit List Settings," then "Delete"


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