How To: Segment Customer Contact Lists

  • To create a list, log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Contacts" tab. From there, choose "Manage Lists," "Create a New List," and type in your list name



  • To add one contact to a list, click into the list and use the search bar to find a specific person. Click on their name in the drop-down menu to add them to the list



  • To add multiple contacts to a list, click into the Contacts tab and check the boxes next to the customers that should be added to your list. Once checked, choose "Actions" and "Add to List" 


  • To add contacts to more than one list, repeat this step and choose to add them to a different list. A contact can be added to up to 5 different lists


  • To delete a contact from a list, click into the list and find the contact you would like to delete and click the small grey x to the right under the "Remove" column



  • To rename a list, click into the list and choose "Edit List Settings," then "Edit List Name." Type in the new name you would like for your list and click "Update List Name"



  • To combine two lists, click into the Contacts tab and use the Bulk Actions Menu to filter by one of the lists, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Download CSV."


Once one of the lists has been downloaded, follow the steps to upload your list and choose the second list as the upload destination.


  • To delete a list, click into the list and choose "Edit List Settings," then "Delete." This will only delete the list itself and will not remove contacts located on that list from your Merchant Center


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