Driving and Managing Outcomes: New Customer and Offer Claims, Create Your Own Campaign

Signpost helps to drive new and repeat customers through the New Customer Offer, Campaign Offers, and Create Your Own Campaigns.


New Customer Offer

  1. Follow up directly with the contact that claimed your offer. Thank them for their interest in your business, and ask if they have any questions or need directions. Or, just ask for any information you need to book their first appointment, consultation, or estimate.


Set up regular Offers

  1. A scheduled Campaign Offer will send once on the date that that you choose. This is ideal for limited time or holiday promotions.
  2. A recurring Campaign Offer will send automatically, once per quarter. This is ideal for a standing offer that you are willing to honor year-round.
  3. Contact the people who claim your offers. Thank them for their continued patronage with your business, and gather any information you need for the customer to complete their purchase.
  4. Read our blog for creative ideas and tips.


Send regular Create Your Own Campaigns

  1. The Create Your Own Campaign is designed for more custom messages; typically, your newsletters, announcements, events, or even a call-to-action that doesn’t include an offer or discount. 
  2. Read here to learn how to use the Create Your Own Campaign template.
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