Driving and Managing Outcomes: Positive and Negative Reviews

Signpost helps you to avoid the costs of negative reviews, and increase business through positive reviews. Read more on our blog about the importance of avoiding negative reviews, and driving more positive reviews.

When a contact submits positive feedback, they will automatically be asked to review your business on your custom review sites. Firstly, ensure that your review sites are set up to link customers to the pages that are highly trafficked within your industry. Read how to customize your review sites here.


Managing positive reviews

  1. Log into your review site, and publicly reply back to the review with a thank-you message. This demonstrates attention to detail, quick follow up, and attention to customer satisfaction.


Managing negative reviews: 

  1. Log into your business account on the review site. Reply back to the review publicly with a respectful message. This displays professionalism and genuine concern for your customers. For example, "We appreciate your business and are very sorry to hear of your poor experience. We would like the opportunity to make it up to you. Please contact us directly, by phone or email, at your convenience." 
  2. Your main goal is to take the conversation offline. Avoid heated discussions that are public to your future potential customers.
  3. After making amends, ask the customer if they'd be willing to edit their negative review into a positive review.
  4. Read more on our blog about managing negative online reviews.
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