Feature Overview: Signpost Payments

The Signpost Payments program provides another way to add contacts and drive results by taking credit card payments directly through Signpost’s integrated credit card processor.

When using Signpost’s integrated card processor, all of the payment details (amount, name, email) sync automatically to your Signpost account, allowing new contacts to be added and triggering marketing emails to be sent on an even more targeted schedule.

Additionally, by enrolling in Signpost Payments, you gain the ability to embed payment forms directly within some of your Signpost marketing emails, allowing your customers to pay DIRECTLY through your Signpost account.




Signpost merchants enrolled and active on the Signpost Payments feature will see 3 primary benefits:

1. More contacts. Signpost’s transactional API allows us to capture all of the information available at the time of payment (customer name, payment amount, payment amount -- even the email if it’s input) and then sync that information with your Signpost account. Before using Signpost Payments, this information would have gone to waste, and you would not have added the new customer to your account.

2. More testimonials/reviews. Using Signpost Payments for your credit card processing allows us to pinpoint exactly when a contact becomes a customer by tracking their first payment. We can then use this information to drive more outcomes for you by requesting their feedback as soon as that payment is made.

Because your business (and the wonderful service you’ve provided) is still top of mind, they’re more likely to respond -- Signpost merchants actively using the Signpost Payments feature are seeing 4x the Outcomes and 52% more Online Reviews than those who aren’t.

3. More repeat business. By using Signpost Payments, you can now track and manage customer payment information directly within your Signpost account. VIP clients and repeat customers can be tracked and encouraged to continue their loyalty, while lapsed customers can be targeted for offers to come back.



Have questions related specifically to how you can use the Signpost Payments feature within your Signpost account (for example, viewing contacts synced from payments or adding a payment link to a Signpost email campaign)?
Then you can contact us directly at support@signpost.com or 855-606-4900.

Have questions related to the functionality of your credit card hardware/software, billing, or funding time?
Then our partners at PaySimple would be the best resource to assist -- they can be contacted at 800-466-0992, option 2 or care@paysimple.com. You may also be able to quickly find what you’re looking for in their support center, located here.


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