The Tattoo Spa

Justine, the owner of The Tattoo Spa, loves the automated assistance that Signpost provides: “"I love Signpost! This system has completely transformed my business in such an easy and professional way. My clients can easily respond to each Signpost email and we have had more success receiving positive reviews than ever before. My clients also love getting exclusive discounts and offers sent to their email which they present to us excitedly. I feel like Signpost has assisted our business in a way that I just couldn't do myself. It's like having a digital personal assistant that I don't have to check in with, I just know it's working all day, everyday without me having to think about it. As an artist and entrepreneur my business needs to work even when I cannot so Signpost has made it simple for new clients to find us, trust us, refer us and keep returning, it's been a game changer! Thank you Signpost!"

The Tattoo Spa currently has 17 confirmed reviews, 89 feedback responses, 65 offers claimed, 9 successful referrals, and 692 contacts! Justine looks forward to being able to do her artistic work, and rests assured that Signpost is always working hard to grow her business!

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