Get the Most from Your Tracking Phone Number

When leveraged, your tracking number can yield great results for your business. To get the most out of this feature: 

  • Set up Interactive Voice Response to prompt callers to join your text program
  • Encourage customers you interact with to text "Start" to the number to join your text program
  • Place a sign near your checkout counter or post directions on your website and social media (Ex: Text START to 555-555-5555 to begin receiving our exclusive offers!)
  • Use your tracking number as often as you can:
    • Add your tracking number as the primary number on your website

    • Add it as the primary number on other social media pages

    • Add it as the primary number for online lead generation accounts if you use them

    • Add it to your business cards

    • Put it on a decal or magnet on a company vehicle

The more visible your number is, the more calls will be tracked, and subscribers gained, through your Signpost account.

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