Get the Most from Your Tracking Phone Number

Your tracking, or forwarding, phone number is a tool to capture more contacts, subscribers, and results through your Signpost account. You can find your tracking number by logging into your Merchant Center, and navigating to Settings, then Phone.

Your tracking number is listed on your Google+, Yelp, and Facebook pages. If anybody finds you on those pages, they dial your tracking number. These calls will ring directly to your local business number, also listed in the Settings > Phone tab.

The caller’s contact information will be automatically logged in your Customer Contacts tab. Then, they are eligible to opt into your SMS texting program. Once opted in, they will receive your offers, helping to convert them to a new or repeat customer, as well as follow-ups for testimonials, reviews, and referrals.

To get more contacts and subscribers, simply start using your tracking number as often as you can:
1. Add your tracking number to your website

2. Post it to other social media pages

3. Use it for online lead generation accounts, if you use them

4. Add it to your business cards

5. Put it on a decal or magnet on a company vehicle. 

6. Put up a sign at a checkout desk or window in your storefront

The more visible your number is, the more calls will be tracked, and subscribers gained, through your Signpost account.

Customers can also text the word “start” to your tracking number, to join your SMS texting list. This is best to leverage by putting up a sign near your checkout counter, or posting these directions on your website and social media.
Ex: Text START to 555-555-5555 to begin receiving our exclusive offers!

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