Outcome Overview: Referrals

Importance of Referrals

Every business knows that the best way to grow their business is through referrals and word of mouth. People want to know their money is going to be well spent, and what better way to know that than having a friend or family member that's already had a good experience?

In the last few years, companies have started to reward people for making referrals and tracking the number of people their customers are actually recommending. Signpost now makes this possible for your business so you can see how many people have been referred and why whom, and you can even set up rewards for the people that are passing your name along.


The Referral Process

When your customers get a referral email, it gives them the option to refer their friends in a few different ways.

  1. They can enter the email addresses of the people they want to refer, and those referrals will get an email letting them know who referred them.
  2. They can post their referral link to social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  3. They can email their friends directly letting them know about the new customer offer.




How to Track Referrals

Whenever a referral is submitted, you will receive an email notification from Signpost. You can view contact information for the referral, as well as the person that referred them. This gives you full visibility into how many people are submitting referrals and who has earned any referral incentives as well.

Additionally, you can filter your Customer Contacts tab in your Merchant Center to view your referral contacts.


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