Utilizing Text Opt-Ins and Text Inbox

Did you know that 43% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when mobile offers are part of a multi-channel campaign? Text marketing, or text message marketing, is a great way to increase your customer engagement and ultimately, grow your revenue.

Regularly, log into your Merchant Center to send your Text opt-in requests. Firstly, your Signpost tracking number is listed on your Google+, Yelp, and Facebook pages. If anyone dials this number, their information will be logged automatically into your Merchant Center contact list.

Secondly, these callers are eligible to receive your Text opt-in request. To find your list of eligible contacts, click on the notification bell in the upper righthand corner of your Merchant Center.

By sending this request, the customer receives a text message asking if they want to join your texting list. They can reply “yes” to opt in, or “stop” to opt out. By opting in, they will receive your campaigns automatically.

Next, use the Text Inbox tab of your Merchant Center to send custom text messages to your Text subscribers. Type your message in the “Your Message” box. Your text will be sent to all of your current Text subscribers. Check out our blog for ideas of creative Text campaigns.

Important note: Be sure to sign off with your business name; this will identify your business to contacts who have not saved your phone number. Ex: 20% off today only! -Signpost

The “Inbox” section displays the customer replies you received through your Signpost tracking number. An email notification sends to you with every reply. To respond directly to the customer, click “Reply.”

The “Text Blasts” section displays the custom messages you have sent in the past. More importantly, it will display the number of contacts that opted out after you sent each message. Use this as a tool to determine what types of messages are most attractive to your audience.

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