Painting with a Twist - Evansville

Mihir, the owner of Painting with a Twist - Evansville appreciates that Signpost automates all of his follow up: “Signpost is an extremely affordable and well thought out CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that automatically captures customer data through their interactions with our company. Overall, I am very happy with their service and the results we have achieved. We can send out customer satisfaction surveys, review requests and even incentivize referrals and actions from our customers. This is all done in a fully automated basis without active management. We have enjoyed very high rates of success in interaction with our customers and also enjoyed very good and timely feedback which enables us to improve our service continuously!"

Painting with a Twist - Evansville currently has 70 confirmed reviews, 245 offers claimed, 967 feedback responses, 28 referrals, and 6,166 contacts! Mihir loves Signpost and is excited to see how we can continue to grow his business!

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