Community Bikes & Boards

Rob, the owner of Community Bikes & Boards, is thrilled with how Signpost drives repeat business: “What we love about Signpost is how EASY it is to keep up with our current customers. That’s key right? They’ve already been in our shop, they know us, and they already spent their hard earned money with us. I feel current customers are more important than new customers. I know, that sounds nuts! BUT, when someone has a great experience, they share it. They don’t share it as much as a BAD experience, but that’s life. They share the good experience with friends/family and next time that friend or family needs a service we offer, they will come here. Best form of advertisement is word of mouth! Our current customers will also forward the email blast too. We never had a way to communicate besides social media, and that’s not as personalized as what Signpost is now offering us.”

Community Bikes & Boards currently has 16 confirmed reviews, 32 offers claimed, 274 feedback responses, and 3,574 contacts in just 1.5 MONTHS on Signpost!! Rob is so excited to see how Signpost can continue to help his business grow!

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