Outcome Overview: Feedback

Importance of Feedback

  • Feedback is critical for every business. By getting feedback from your customers you know who your best customers are, and where your business can improve. Signpost makes it effortless to continuously collect feedback from your customers, and turn the positive feedback into valuable reviews and testimonials.
  • While making sure that perspective customers see positive reviews and testimonials, being able to catch negative feedback and resolve potential issues can drive more repeat business and prevent negative reviews. Guardian Alarm used their feedback to drive more engagement with their customers and turn unhappy customers into advocates for their business.

Feedback Emails

  • Feedback emails are the first emails Signpost sends out on your behalf once your account is set up. This allows us to understand who your top customers are and filter anyone who might say anything negative.
  • The feedback email is simple and straight forward, and simply asks if someone would recommend your business with three options options, "Yes" and "Not Really." Once they choose, they have the opportunity to leave written feedback about their experience. Signpost recently added the option to select "I haven't done business here before", which will direct them to the new customer offer.
  • If the merchant said they would recommend your business, they are given the option to leave a review on Google+ or Yelp. If they don't leave a review, Signpost follows up with an email asking them to review the business on Yelp.
  • If the merchant says they would not recommend your business, their feedback goes to you directly and Signpost will automatically limit the campaigns they are eligible to receive.


Testimonials Page

  • In addition to following up for positive reviews, Signpost uses positive feedback to create a real time testimonials page for your business. This page shows all the written comments from people who said they would recommend your business and gave permission for their feedback to be used publicly.
  • The testimonials page is a great way to show perspective clients real feedback from past customers, and many clients have posted the link to their website and social media pages.




  • Unlike reviews, you have complete control over what is and is not shown on your testimonials page so you never have to worry. If there's a comment you don't want posted:
  1. Go to the Campaigns tab in your merchant center
  2. Select the "Get Feedback" campaign
  3. Find the feedback you want removed and click where it says "public"
  4. From the drop down select "Only Me"




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