Overview: Feedback Request Campaigns

Importance of Feedback

Feedback is critical for every business. By asking for feedback from your customers, you will know who your best customers are and where your business can improve. Signpost makes it effortless to continuously collect feedback from your customers and turn that feedback into valuable reviews and testimonials.

While making sure that prospective customers see positive reviews and testimonials is a plus, being able to catch negative feedback and resolve potential issues can also drive more repeat business and prevent negative reviews.


Feedback Emails

Feedback emails are the first emails Signpost sends out on your behalf once your account is set up. This allows us to understand who your top customers are and filter anyone who might say anything negative.

The feedback email is simple and straightforward, asking customers to rate your business out of 5 stars.



Once they choose, they will be taken to a landing page, where they will have the opportunity to leave written feedback about their experience.


NOTE: The "Sure! Publish this feedback on our testimonials page" message and checkbox only appear when the customer chooses a star rating of 4 or 5. Contacts who have selected this box will appear in your Feedback list with a "visible on your testimonials page" drop-down menu next to their name, allowing you to publish or unpublish their comment from your Testimonials Page.


  • If the customer's feedback says that they had a "positive" or "very positive" experience (4-5 stars), they will receive a review request email next.
  • If the customer's feedback says that they had a "negative," "very negative," or "neutral" experience (1-3 stars), their feedback goes to you directly, and Signpost will automatically turn off all email campaigns for that contact. They will, however, continue to receive feedback requests every few months in case their opinion has changed. If you do not wish for them to receive any more feedback requests, you can unsubscribe them.
  • If the customer says they have not done business with you before, they will be directed to your new customer offer.


Once a customer has left feedback for you, you can view it in your Merchant Center. If the customer's feedback says that they had a "negative," "very negative," or "neutral" experience, you will receive an email letting you know.


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