Improve Your Account Performance

Looking to boost your Signpost account results? Here are some ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Signpost subscription:


Add more contacts to your account. Each contact added to your account has the potential to drive valuable outcomes for your business. Those contacts create and build your brand through testimonials and reviews to improve online credibility and visibility, word-of-mouth referrals, and new or repeat purchases. For each new contact that is added to your Merchant Center, more outcomes and potential revenue will be brought back to your business. Check out our articles on growing your text and email subscribers for more information, or learn how to upload a contact list.


Add the RIGHT contacts to your account. Having a large number of customer contacts is great, but it won’t make a difference in the long run if they’re not the core target for your product or service. Avoid adding contacts for vendors, employees, industry contacts, or anyone else who is not likely to purchase from you (or pass your information along to someone who will).


Market to different customer categories in different ways. Some customers may be interested in different aspects of your business. For example, some may be members while others are guests, some may be repeat customers while others are leads, etc. Segment your contact lists into different purchase categories, membership tiers, age groups, and other differentiating factors and send marketing messages that align with their specific needs and interests.


Use every aspect of your Signpost account that you can. Mia works best when she has as many tools as possible at her disposal. Make sure that your:


Create relevant offers and announcements. There is much to consider when creating a new campaign, but there are three simple guidelines to follow if you want to ensure that you're getting the best possible response from your marketing messaging:

  1. Consider your audience. Create offers that will get your demographic excited, and be careful to promote what makes sense for you and the customer, not just your margins. If you're offering a discount on a product or service that is not selling in the first place, chances are that it's not going to drive traffic at a discounted rate either.
  2. Consider time of year. Create offers relevant to the season, holiday, and even popular trending events. Check out this article for some great starting points on holiday offers.
  3. Be direct. Luckily, Signpost has character limits in place to prevent wordy emails from being sent and turn your customers off to your marketing. However, even with limited words, your messaging can miss the mark. Ask yourself: am I creating a clear, enticing call to action?
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