Grow Your Email Subscriber Base

Email contacts are your key to success. The larger your subscriber contact list grows, the larger your audience and likelihood for referral, repeat, and new business grows. To maximize your marketing results, it is imperative that you add all of your existing and past contacts to your Signpost account. Signpost has a few ways to grow your contact list:


1. Connect your business email to automatically collect contacts. Then, start sending thank you emails and appointment reminders from the business email address that is linked to your Signpost account. Find some great templates on our blog. Email addresses that communicate with your linked email address are automatically added to your database.


2. Ask for email addresses in every phone and face to face conversation. Explain that you use this contact information to send receipts, appointment confirmations, pricing overviews, updates, and offers. Then, add them to your Merchant Center through the Customer Contacts tab by choosing “Add Contact."


3. Print a simple signup sheet to put at your check-in or check-out desk. Create a separate column for names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Then, add them to your Merchant Center through the Customer Contacts tab by choosing “Add Contact.”


4. Automatically collect email addresses and save money through our Signpost Payments feature or our Facebook Advertising add-on.


5. Post your New Customer Offer to social media. When a consumer shows interest in your offer by clicking it, they are prompted to input their email address, showing heightened interest in your offering and likelihood of making a purchase. These contacts are highly engaged, increasing the potential for new revenue. To post your New Customer Offer:

  1. Log into your Merchant Center
  2. Navigate to "Campaigns," then "New Customer Offer"
  3. Click the three dots next to "Send Me  Preview" and select "View Offer Landing Pagefrom the drop-down menu
  4. Copy the Landing Page URL


Once you have the landing page URL, log in to your business Facebook page and paste it into a status update.

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