Strategies to Grow Your Subscriber Base and Results

Get more email subscribers

  1. Print a simple signup sheet to put at your checkin or checkout desk. Create a separate column for names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Then, add them to your Merchant Center through the Customer Contacts tab, by choosing “add contact.”
  2. Ask for email addresses in every phone and face to face conversation. Explain that you use this contact information to send receipts, appointment confirmations, pricing overviews, updates and offers. Then, add them to your Merchant Center through the Customer Contacts tab, by choosing “add contact.”
  3. Start sending thank you's and appointment reminders to from your business email address that is linked to your Signpost account. Find some great templates on our blog. To see which email address is linked to your account, login to your merchant center and visit your settings page under the Customer tab. Email communications from your linked email address automatically collect the customer email address and add it to your database.


Get more contacts to opt into your SMS program

  1. Create "Text Start" signs to display in your storefront, creating a call to action for customers to opt-in to your sms marketing. The sign should read: “text ‘start’ to (your Signpost forwarding number) to begin receiving exclusive offers.” Or, order your custom SMS sign from Signpost today, call or email your Account Manager to place your order.
  2. Send a Custom Campaign email from your Signpost Merchant Center with the directions - “text ‘start’ to (your Signpost forwarding number) to begin receiving exclusive offers.”
  3. Include these directions on the bottom of every business card, email, and invoice distributed to you customers
  4. You can also post these directions as a status update on social media!
  5. Check out this article on our blog for more sms tips and tricks



Create relevant offers and announcements. There is much to consider when creating a new campaign. But there really are only 3 simple guidelines to follow if you want to ensure you're getting the best possible response from your marketing messaging.

  1. Consider your audience. Create offers that will get your demographic excited, be careful to promote what make sense for you and the customer, not just your margins. If you're offering a discount on a product or service that is not selling in the first place, chances are, it's not going to drive traffic at a discounted rate either.
  2. Consider time of year. Create offers relevant to the season, holiday, and even popular trending events. Check out this article for some great starting points on holiday offers.
  3. Be direct. Luckily, Signpost has character limits in place to prevent wordy emails from being sent and turning your customers off of your marketing. But, even with limited words, your messaging can miss the mark. You need to ask yourself, am I creating a clear, enticing call to action?


Get more claims and more customers from your offers by posting your New Customer Offer to social media. When a consumer shows interest in your offer on Facebook or Google+ by clicking it, they are prompted to input their email address which we refer to as "claiming" the offer, showing heightened interest in your offering and likelihood of making a purchase. This process provides multileveled value to you and your business. It adds more contacts to your marketing audience, growing brand awareness and opportunity for repeat purchases and referral business. These contacts are highly engaged, increasing the potential for new revenue, read more about it here. To post your New Customer Offer:

  1. log into your Merchant Center
  2. Navigate to Campaigns
  3. Find your New Customer Offer Tab
  4. Select View Offer Landing Page from the drop menu to the right
  5. Copy the Landing Page URL
  6. Log in to your business Facebook and/or Google+ page and paste it as a status update 

If you'd like us to handle this process along with other social media engagement initiatives, contact your Account Manager  to get started.









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