How To: Monitor Activity and Outcomes

Now that your automated marketing is set up, Signpost recommends keeping up-to-date with all the results from your account. Firstly, check your weekly digest email, which is sent every Friday. You can also log into your merchant center once a week.

The dashboard within your merchant center gives you the most concise view of all activity and outcomes generated:

  • Number of campaigns sent and opened. The bar graph on the left shows campaigns sent, broken down by campaign type; hovering over each bar shows the number of emails opened for that particular campaign.
  • You can also manipulate the bar graphs to display campaigns sent and opened in the past week, month, or over all time.


  • Number of Outcomes Generated. Arranged by outcome type are the number of feedback, reviews, referrals, and offer claims from your campaigns to date.
  • Click on each circle to view a list of the contacts who generated that specific outcome. 



  • Number of contacts subscribed to marketing. Click these numbers to view the contacts associated with each list. 
  • The more subscribers to each list, the more outcomes your business will generate. For tips, read our Help Center articles about adding contacts, and strategies to grow your subscriber base.



The Recent Customer Activity feed shows the actions your customers have been taking with your marketing campaigns. This activity includes website visits, testimonials page visits, phone calls, Yelp and Google+ visits, new subscribers, and more.


 Lastly, your dashboard also displays the number of contacts that are eligible to receive your SMS opt-in request.


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