What are Outcomes?

Signpost focuses on driving 5 outcomes that are the highest contributors to the growth of your business:

1. Feedback: Honest feedback from your customers helps you improve your products and services. Signpost creates an unbiased and timely forum for your customers to tell you about their experience. With customers' permission, their feedback can also be published to your Testimonials Page, which you can share online. Read more about feedback here

2. Reviews: Signpost helps you to avoid the costs of negative reviews and increase business through positive reviews. Our automated marketing vets your customers and only targets reviews from the contacts who are most likely to give you a 5-star rating. Read more about reviews here.

3. Referrals: Referrals just got easier, and more trackable, through Signpost. Referral customers help to build a customer base outside of your existing network. Signpost provides your existing contacts with a unique referral link, allowing them to share your New Customer Offer with their friends and family. Any referral who claims your offer is automatically added to your customer contact database. Read more about referrals here.

4. Scheduled Offer Claims: Scheduled Offers are designed to keep your existing customer base engaged and coming back for repeat purchases. Scheduled offers send to your contact database once on the date that you choose. Read more about scheduled offer claims here.

5. New Customer Offer Claims: New Customer Offers drive new revenue to your business. They are claimed by consumers who were referred to your business through the Signpost Referral program, found your offer on social media, or indicate that they have not yet been your customer. Read more about new customer offer claims here. 


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