Driving and Managing Outcomes: Feedback and Testimonials Page

You will be receiving many feedback messages from your customer contacts. To improve your marketing results and customer relationships, we recommend a few simple ways to follow up to your feedback responses.


Positive feedback: If a customer consents for their positive feedback message to be shared publicly, their message will be automatically posted to your Testimonials Page. Then, they will automatically be asked to review your business on your custom review sites.

  1. Link your Testimonials Page to your website, post it on social media, and include it in your email signature. Read more about your Testimonials Page here. Use this page as a tool to incentivize new customers.
  2. Respond to your customer’s feedback with a simple "Thank you for the positive feedback, we appreciate your business" via email!


Negative feedback: Negative feedback will never be posted to your Testimonials page. Additionally, the person who submitted negative feedback will not be asked to review, or refer, your business. However, you can remedy this situation.

  1. Reach out to the customer directly, to see if there are any resolvable issues. Investing in a positive customer experience goes a long way with each and every customer.
  2. You could also include a discounted offer. This could allow you to provide a more positive experience, and change the customer’s mind about their experience. 
  3. Read our blog for more details on managing negative feedback.


Remember, not everybody has to give you positive or negative feedback. A contact can indicate if they haven't yet worked with your business. If this response is indicated, the contact will prompted to claim your New Customer Offer.

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