How To: Create a Scheduled or Recurring Offer

To create an offer, click on the Campaigns tab.

  • Choose "Scheduled," "Add New," "Offer," and click "Next: Design."


Next, fill out the basic offer details:

  • Title (ex: Limited Time Offer)
  • Offer (ex: $20 off a Purchase of $100+)
  • Tagline (ex: Enjoy your offer!)


Customize your call-to-action button. There are 2 options:

  1. The call-to-action button can link to the "default landing page." When a customer clicks the button, they will see a thank-you message, confirming their offer. Click "Preview Landing Page" to view the details.

*Pro tip: Customize your "redemption instructions." Here, tell your customers what to do next. Ex: "Call today to schedule your appointment!"


2. The call-to-action button can instead link to a "custom URL." When a customer clicks the button, they will be linked to a website of your choosing. Ex: Enter the URL of your website contact form, your online booker, or your online shopping cart. 

*Pro tip: You can also customize the button text. Ex: "Click here to (book/buy) online!"


Finalize the remaining details:

  • Add an image (optional)
  • Edit your fine print; click the fine print box and check/uncheck any options that apply to your offer. You can also write custom fine print details.


Click “save and continue.”


Next, choose your audience:


Lastly, schedule your offer. There are 2 options:

  1. Scheduled offer; this will send one time. Pick your sending date, and your expiration date. 


2. Recurring offer; this will send on a recurring basis. Pick how often this offer should send, the date for the offer to start sending, and the expiration timeline.

Lastly, review your campaign. Make any necessary edits, and once complete, click "Finish Campaign."


Please note that once you create a recurring offer, it is not editable, you can only cancel it. Though after you cancel it, you can use the duplicate feature to start it up again a little faster than starting from scratch. 

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