How To: Create a Scheduled Offer

1. Click on the Campaigns tab and choose “Scheduled” from the drop-down menu



2. Click “Add a New Campaign” in the top right-hand corner, and then choose “Offer” on the left



3. Fill out your basic offer details:

  • Offer Subject Line (ex: Limited Time Offer, Spring Sale, etc.)
  • Offer Title (the deal that you are offering)
  • Description/Details (further explanation/call to action/etc.)



4. Customize your call-to-action button by clicking the auto-generated "Claim this Offer" text:

  • Determine whether you want to use a default landing page or a custom URL
    • Default Landing Page: after clicking the button, clients will be redirected to an auto-generated landing page with the message "The offer is yours!" You can see what the landing page looks like by clicking "Preview Landing Page."
    • Custom Landing Page: after clicking the button, clients will be redirected to a web URL of your choice (a purchase page, RSVP page, your website, etc.)
  • Choose a call-to-action message to be displayed on the button (ex: Claim This Offer, RSVP Here, Click Here to Purchase, etc.)
  • Customize your redemption instructions. Here, tell your customers what to do next (ex: Call today to schedule your appointment, Show this offer before your purchase, etc.)



5. Finalize the remaining details:

  • Add an image (optional): Click the gray "image" box on the right to add an image option to your template. Then, click the gray "Upload an Image" button and choose an image from your computer to use in your campaign
  • Edit your fine print by clicking the fine print box at the bottom and checking/unchecking any options that apply to your offer. You can also write custom fine print details in the “Additional Fine Print” section


6. Click “Next: Audience”

  • Choose whether you want to send your offer to everyone subscribed or a specific segmented contact list



7. Click “Next: Schedule”

  • Determine whether you want to send the offer one time or on a recurring basis. Choose the desired send date, expiration date, and recurring timeframe (if applicable)



8. Click “Next: Review”

  • Preview the offer using the “Preview your Design” button. If you need to make any edits, click the Design, Audience, or Schedule tab on the menu at the top. When everything is finalized, click “Finish Campaign”*



*Please note that once you create a recurring offer, it is not editable; you can only cancel it. After you cancel it, you can use the duplicate feature to begin from where you left off instead of starting from scratch

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