How To: Add Contacts

Add Contacts

There are 3 ways customer contacts are added to your Signpost Account:

  1. Attaching your customer facing email address
  2. Upload a customer contact list
  3. Manual add

1. Attach your email

Attaching your customer facing email is the fastest and most immediate method to add contacts. This step is usually completed during your initial account set up since it automatically imports all past, present and future contacts. 

  • From the “Settings” page, navigate to the “Customer” tab on the left 


  • Click "Add a new email
;" enter the new email addresspassword, and choose "Add Email" to finish. 


2. Upload A Customer Contact List*

As of 06/02/17, you can upload a list directly into your account at anytime from with your contacts tab.

To learn more about how this works, check out this article: 

3. Manual Add

Manually adding contacts is easy, and encouraged particularly if your contact base is smaller. Adding a few new contact a week can have a big impact on the results of your automated marketing. 

  • Navigate to your “Customer Contacts” page. 
  • Click “Add Customer” found in the upper right
  • Fill in the new contact information
  • Click “Add Customer” to complete



Alternatively, you can learn how to unsubscribe, delete, or edit contacts here

 *Before uploading email contacts into your Signpost profile you must have consent to send marketing messages to those contacts.

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