Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Madison

Alyssa, the manager of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Madison, WI, loves all of the great feedback Signpost has gotten from her customers:

"We have really enjoyed getting feedback and reviews from customers, both past & present. It has really helped us to gain some rave reviews and great information to use going forward. We also have just started really using the email campaigns, which has been fast and easy to get going with. I know these will only continue to prove their effectiveness with time. It's nice to know that people are seeing our name and logo and getting a glimpse into our business on a more regular basis, people that maybe we haven't been reaching correctly before. It's also been great to be able to collect and organize our client lists as well, and be able to track our customers and contacts. We are new to the other features of Signpost, we have recently added the PaySimple feature to hopefully streamline and do some successful promotions/sales/etc. The biggest plus that I have experienced working with Signpost is the customer service. They are so patient and helpful and quick to reply. My plate feels so full some days, and knowing that Signpost is working in the background in small and big ways does offer some peace of mind.”



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