What is Public vs. Private Feedback?

When you receive feedback, it can be designated as either public or private.


Feedback is private (locked) when:

  • The rating is negative (3 stars or lower)
  • No additional comments are provided with the star rating (whether negative or positive)
  • The "Sure! Publish this feedback on our testimonials page" box under the feedback text box is unchecked



Feedback is public (unlocked) when:

  • The rating is positive (4 or 5 stars), the customer provides an additional comment, and the "Sure! Publish this feedback on our testimonials page" box is checked



There is not a way to "unlock" locked feedback; it is up to your contact's discretion whether they want it to be published to your Testimonials Page or not.

Important Note: Feedback is used by Mia to drive happy customers to leave a review. Only the customer is able to post their feedback on a review site. If a happy customer has yet to leave a review, Mia will follow-up and ask a customer to post their feedback on a review site.


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