Mighty Kicks of San Joaquin Valley

Lyle, the owner of Mighty Kicks in Bakersfield, CA, loves how Signpost helps him stay in touch will all of his customers:

"Before partnering with Signpost we had an online presence that was not up to our standards, our ability to stay in contact with existing clients was at a standstill, and reaching new clients was simply another mountain that we were not prepared to climb. Since partnering with Signpost anyone can find us online with no problems, they helped us generate 6 confirmed reviews, 3 referrals, and 112 feedback responses within a very short period. With that we are constantly getting new calls and emails from parents looking to sign their children up with us because of all the positive reviews we have acquired. Thanks to Signpost our business continues to grow while having the ability to stay in constant contact with every single family that joins us. We absolutely love Signpost. Thank you.”



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